GXChain Progress Report March.8-March.14

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Product development progress

-Community developer internal test: UI optimization, code finishing, BUG repair @The third round is completed
-Received feedback from the first round of the community’s invitation and is under revision and improvement

-Transaction pool synchronization optimization @95%
-Code comments and documentation @complete

Operational progress

The Parrot Project ended yesterday, and a total of 84 suggestions were received for this event. We have selected some very essence and highly feasible suggestions to give each person a reward of 10GXC. Please check carefully whether your wallet address is correct in the list of winners. The reward will be sent to their respective public trust chain wallets within 24 hours of the announcement of the list.

Find Us

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Global Community

🇷🇺Pусский (Russia (https://t.me/GXChain_Rus))
🇵🇭Philippines (https://t.me/GXChainPhilippines)
🇯🇵日本語(Japan (https://t.me/GXChainJapanese))
🇰🇷Korea (https://t.me/gxchainkorean)
🇪🇸Español (Spain (https://t.me/GXChainhispano))
🇮🇩Indonesia (https://t.me/GXChain_Indonesia)
🇻🇳Tiếng Việt (Vietnam (https://t.me/GXChainVietNamese))
🇱🇰-ශ්‍රි ලංකාව (Srilanka (https://t.me/gxchainsrilanka))
🇳🇬Africa (https://t.me/GXChainAfrica)
🇹🇷Türkçe (Turkey (https://t.me/GXChainTurkey))
🇩🇪Deutsch (https://t.me/GXChainDeutsch

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