GXChain Progress Report Sept.7-Sept.13

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Product development progress

GXC-Relay (cross-chain relay):
-GXChain contract has been developed and released, contract account: gxc-relay-contract
-ETH contract development, has been released, contract address: 0x2e93FE8d550a7B7E7b2e561cd45ceBccbAa79358
-Project address (including source code, documentation, audit report): https://github.com/gxchain/gxc-relay
-Online address: https://relay.gxchain.org
-Cross-chain retrieval optimization, list display, Pending transaction display, reminder of non-existent account and insufficient balance,
-Added prompt for illegal network access
-Newly added key account information statistics interface
-Support multiple languages ​​@Development

-Optimized contract editing tool to support int128 data type @Development

Operational progress

-Huobi will officially launch GXC(GXChain) perpetual contract trading at 16:00 on September 9, 2020! Less than half a month has passed since GXC opened leveraged trading. GXC finally launched GXC (GXChain) perpetual contract real trading, which is a big step for GXC’s liquidity. This time GXC opened a perpetual contract, supporting 1–75 times long and short two-way operations. It has the characteristic of never delivering. While satisfying futures trading users, it also enhances the diversity of GXC’s financial transactions.

-At 20:00 on September 9th, Beijing time, GXC launched the Golff liquid mining pool. In addition, GXC will officially start a new round of mining cycle as one of the three major mining pools in the second round of Golff on September 16th

-GXC has launched the Jubi GXC/USDT trading pair at 19:00, September 10, Beijing time

-GXC perpetual contract is launched on Huobi, special launch of [GXC perpetual contract trading competition, win 100,000 USD reward] event, the event was officially launched on September 15th, the duration of the event is 10:00, September 15, 2020 — At 10:00 on September 22, 2020 (GMT+8), community members are welcome to participate actively

Brand work progress

-GXChain COO Jessie Fan attended the Defi Talk roundtable held by BBNews on the afternoon of September 10 and expressed his views on topics related to ...

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