GXChain stopped producing blocks on December 16 due to the large staking operation of nodes, which…

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GXChain Stopped Producing Blocks on December 16 due to the Large Staking Operation of Nodes, which has been Upgraded and Resolved

Dear GXChain community & GXChainers,

At 23:40 pm on December 16, 2020, Beijing time, GXChain stopped generating blocks, but the security of user assets was not affected. The team deeply apologizes for the inconvenience caused to users by this incident, and also thanks the community for their support and understanding. After research by the core development team of GXChain, the reason has been found and a solution has been given. Details are as follows:

Event analysis:

-At 23:40 on the evening of December 16, GXChain stopped producing blocks. The initial phenomenon was that integer multiplication overflow occurred during the execution of the block. According to the positioning of the GXChain core development team, the problem appeared in the staking reward distribution process A calculation logic in; the error occurred because a certain node operated a pledge of 4 million GXC at 23:05 that day, resulting in the number of votes obtained by the node* The block reward exceeded the 64-bit integer In the end, the block reward distribution fails, and the block of the entire network cannot be advanced.


With the concerted efforts of the community and the core team, the problem has been resolved, and a new Release has been officially released: https://github.com/gxchain/gxb-core/releases/tag/v1.0.201217. If all nodes encounter problems that cannot synchronize blocks or generate blocks, they need to download a new Release, replace the executable program according to the document, and restart the node in the original way. In fact, the GXChain community node completed the node upgrade within 1 hour after the release of the Release, and reached the requirement of the minimum block generation node for irreversible blocks.

GXChain Core Team
Dec.17 2020


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