GXChain2.0 “Developer Preview” Released the Code is Open Sourced

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The advent of the blockchain has promoted the advancement of history. At the more forward point in time, there will always be a new revolution. Gongxinbao started its internal beta on June 15, 2017. We have gone through nearly 4 years. We are steadfast and firm at every step, keeping up with the pace of the times and joining this revolution. We hope to respond to the national policy call of “promoting the innovation of blockchain technology such as smart contracts, consensus algorithms, encryption algorithms, distributed systems, etc.”. Through our years of technology accumulation in the industry, our technology can be further advanced to the bottom. Exploration and reconstruction have made the development of domestic blockchain technology, especially the public chain part, more autonomous and controllable.

Today, we are one step closer to this goal. In line with the concept of openness and transparency, we uphold the open source spirit of the blockchain community: GXChain2.0 “Developer Preview” has been launched, the code is officially open source, and it is now available on Github View on.

The GXChain2.0 test network is expected to be launched in June!

Version 2.0 will fully reconstruct and optimize GXChain from the underlying code to the economic model, and rebuild it from 0 to 1. It is currently compatible with EVM and Ethereum infrastructure. The first principle of GXChain2.0 design is free, including but not limited to creating accounts for free, sending transactions for free, GXC token holders can get more rights and interests for free, and is committed to building a blockchain infrastructure with zero friction for transactions. GXChain developers have now open sourced the GXChain2.0 “Developer Preview” code, the open source address is — —


PS: Developers in the community are welcome to experience and test. If you have any ...

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