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It’s been just over a year since the EOS Global Hackathon series concluded, so we’re taking a moment to recap what went down, but to also look forward. We’re checking in with some of the past winners and competitors on how their projects #BuiltOnEOSIO are progressing, where they’re at, and what they’re doing next.

The Recap

For those of you new to the EOSIO ecosystem, in 2018 Block.one hosted the EOS Global Hackathon series, an event that brought people together from all over the world — 1,724 to be exact. All with the common goal of designing blockchain powered applications geared towards positive change that ultimately solve topical problems.

We began in Hong Kong, and worked our way through Sydney to London. We hosted the Africa Virtual event, headed to San Francisco, and brought everyone together with a grand finale in Cape Town. With judging panels well versed in what makes a great project, product or pitch, and mentors available at all hours to bring ideas to fruition, there was no shortage of collaboration or inspiration. Inspiration that ultimately saw 280 projects built on Block.one’s open source software, EOSIO.

Since then we’ve also launched a new home for EOSIO hackathons -hackathon.eos.io - along with resources and information for anyone around the world to host, partner or attend an EOSIO powered hackathon. With time, we hope to foster community driven EOSIO hackathons that bring together like minded individuals, and highlight the passion, creativity and skill of a collective that made and continues to make a mass contribution to the evolution of EOSIO.

For more on hackathon.eos.io, click here, and for updates on the finalists we’re checking in with one year later, read on.

The GeneOS team (left to right): Benjamin Tse, Jens Elstner, Albert Chen, ...

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