Halo Q4 2020 Update — New Grants & Completed Projects

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Halo Q4 2020 Update — New Grants & Completed Projects

Want to build your next big idea on IoTeX? The Halo Program offers grants to developers, researchers, marketers, and designers to fuel IoTeX’s vision for the Internet of Trusted Things. Halo Grants are open to any project/individual at any stage that wishes to contribute to the growth and widespread use of IoTeX technology.

Since we announced our first batch of Halo grants in July, we have seen the IoTeX Ecosystem blossom with exciting community-led projects and an ever-growing number of builders. In this update, we share our latest Halo grant recipients and a progress update on ongoing Halo projects.

New Halo Grant Recipients

We are excited to share five new Halo projects, some of which have already launched beta products on IoTeX in the past few months. We look forward to seeing these projects evolve in 2021 and encourage the IoTeX community to interact with the teams and contribute feedback.

Beancount Wallet — Chrome Extension Wallet

Beancount Wallet is a Chrome extension wallet that will enable IoTeX users to transfer tokens, interact with DApps, invoke contracts, and more directly in your browser. Beancount is similar to MetaMask, serving as a trusted gateway between users and web-based applications. The development/launch of Beancount will be occur in two incremental releases:

  • Beancount v0.5: create/import wallet, multi-wallet support, Testnet/Mainnet toggling, balance/activity history, token transfers
  • Beancount v1.0: connect to web DApps, multi-account switches, contract invoke, envelope parsing/handling/signing, post-action handling

We look forward to the v0.5 launch very soon! Beancount will be fully open-sourced as part of the growing suite of Beancount services built on IoTeX. See the initial proposal on Github by @puncsky.

HealthNet — Medical Supply Chain w/ Pebble


HealthNet is a blockchain-based health data platform developed by IoTeX Delegate, Consensus Networks. HealthNet aims to ...

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