HedgeTrade Teams Up with NEM to offer XEM Insights

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HedgeTrade Teams Up with NEM to offer XEM Insights

We’re happy to announce that HedgeTrade has integrated NEM’s native token $XEM into the HedgeTrade predictions platform!  This partnership brings together two dynamic crypto communities while offering crypto traders worldwide additional earning opportunities and insights.

Social traders at HedgeTrade will gain two additional trading pairs to use in creating  prediction Blueprints:  XEM/USDT and XEM/BTC. The Blueprints can be purchased by novice traders looking to copytrade, a system that also offers opportunities for both pro traders and newcomers to earn $HEDG and gain trading insights.

Through this collaboration, the NEM community has a new way to gauge market sentiment about XEM and their blockchain development ecosystem. Prediction Blueprints on the HedgeTrade platform, as well as the traders’ success scores, are verified using blockchain technology and a unique reputation algorithm, providing a trusted source for sentiment analysis for those following the NEM project.

About HedgeTrade

HedgeTrade is an accountability-based social trading platform where expert traders can monetize accurate predictions by publishing prediction “Blueprints” and staking varying amounts of HEDG tokens to back up their claims. Users can purchase the Blueprints to trade alongside the pros but get their money back and a chance to earn a share in the trader’s lost stake if the prediction proves incorrect.

Regarding the recent NEM partnership, HedgeTrade CEO, David Waslen, stated that: “NEM is a highly-esteemed, long-standing blockchain company, so we’re very happy to introduce the HedgeTrade community to the NEM project. By enabling our traders to make predictions on XEM, they have another way to profit from their accurate trading calls while building important sentiment data based on NEM’s many exciting initiatives.”

HedgeTrade is headquartered in Singapore and led by Co-Founder/CEO David Waslen and Co-Founder/Lead Developer Peter Danihel.

Learn more at HedgeTrade.com.

About NEM

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