Here’s How You Can Research Music Genre Trends and Country Tastes

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Our analytics come armed with new & unique features. Let’s see what’s in it for the pros.

One thing that Covid-19 will never take away is our confidence that live events are coming back soon…ish. But definitely bigger and better than ever! While waiting for this next chapter, we can all use the time to prep strategies and keep our online fans happy while doing so.

How? Well, by letting the data do most of the talking.

Ever wondered how many artists make the same genre of music as you? Or made a bet with your buddies on where in the world a certain genre is the most popular? You aren’t alone, as revealed by our many talks with music pros during our beta-testing phase. So we pooled our efforts and included two new unique features: genre and country analytics.

You’ll find them conveniently positioned next to each Artist’s basic info. Here’s what they’re all about.

Genre analytics: see what’s happening inside a Genre worldwide

Music genres and audience tastes can differ wildly. That’s why this feature is designed to help music professionals get a better sense of the current trends in a specific genre, as well as get a relevant framework to compare their stats in.

Genre analytics provide these interesting insights:

#1 How many Artists and Festivals does each Genre have?

By seeing how many Artists make music in a certain genre, music pros can get a better sense of where their career is at the moment, and what kind of market potential they could be talking about.

Users can also see who the most connected Artists are, which social media and music channels they use, and draw inspiration from those findings.

Similarly, the “signature” Festivals can be discovered. Those are the ones with the strongest lineup acts in the Genre. Also featured are Festivals ...

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