Horizen Announces the Beta Release of Zendoo – The Industry’s First Decentralized and Fully Customizable Sidechain Solution

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New York, NY – July 15, 2020 – Horizen (ZEN) announced today the first completely decentralized and fully customizable sidechain protocol on the market, The Horizen sidechain platform, Zendoo, enables businesses and developers to affordably create private or public blockchains mapped onto the Horizen public mainchain with the largest node network in the industry.

Seeking to solve scalability and flexibility issues in blockchain, Horizen has built a general-purpose blockchain platform that enables a sidechain ecosystem for real-world use cases.  Zendoo addresses all user needs through a unique framework that allows any rule type to be deployed as a sidechain – whether it’s a blockchain or other types of computing systems.

The release coincides with the release of their Beta Software Development Kit (SDK) which provides application developers with a suite of tools to deploy both public and private blockchains with minimal technical barriers and unlimited design paths. The Zendoo Beta also includes a sidechain module upgrade to their flagship app, Sphere, which allows users to launch sidechains on Sphere Testnet version when in full-node mode.

“We see blockchain technology as a crucial step towards the future, but until now there hasn’t been a product that truly enabled businesses and developer community to fully harness that power effectively.” Stated Robert Viglione, Co-founder of Horizen. “Horizen’s sidechain solution breaks down the barriers that make it difficult for the world to begin utilizing blockchain technology in a way that doesn’t slow down the network or limit the users to specific application models.”

“The Horizen team is committed to building a more inclusive future for society by providing tools that empower our users. This type of distributed, user-owned network offers a new way of bringing people together, creating and sharing value, and giving voice to everyone by participating in a ...

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