Horizen Sidechain Tutorial: ZEN Transfer Between Chains

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This article is the translation of the article written by Xavier Garreau, a French community member, for is website: https://mescryptos.fr/les-sidechains-horizen-transfert-de-zen/. This is the third article in this three-part series. Read the first article here

Translated by Manon Boudoux


Horizen Sidechains: ZEN Transfer

In the third episode of this Horizen sidechain presentation, I will look at the transfers from the Horizen mainchain to the sidechain (forward transfer), within the sidechain, and finally, from the sidechain to the Horizen mainchain (backward transfer).


Forward Transfer: From Mainchain to Sidechain

I make sure that my mainchain is launched (zend), as well as the sidechain (SimpleApp).

How much ZEN do I have on the mainchain? I use the getbalance call via zen-cli to query zendoo.

$ zen-cli -regtest getbalance


I see I have 936.49992873ZEN on the mainchain.

How much do I have on the sidechain? I use the /wallet/balance API call. It doesn’t take a parameter. The headers are useless here but I might as well put them each time.

$ curl -X POST “” -H “accept: application/json” -H “Content-Type: application/json”



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