Horizen Updates and Team Holiday Schedule

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We are committed to project transparency and improvements. We have made some changes to enable us to better focus on delivering key product releases and driving project value. These changes allow us to optimize our resources and prioritize the project’s key objectives. 


Quarterly Live Updates Cancellation 

We will no longer continue  Quarterly Live Updates starting January 1st, 2021.  Quarterly Live Updates will be replaced by the Weekly Insider, which takes place on the Horizen official Discord every Monday at 11:30 am ET/5:30 pm UTC. The Weekly Insider is also live-streamed to Youtube.   


Changes to ZenHub

We have transitioned the management of ZenHub to our partner, Pipeline Marketing. This transition will not affect ZenHub users. Pipeline Marketing will maintain and upgrade the ZenHub services as well as process any user requests. 

The Zen Blockchain Foundation will be tightening its scope of work across the board. We are doing preemptive moves in advance of the halving. The treasury funds are scheduled to be cut in half. We have received a lot of questions from our community on our Weekly Insiders and Quarterly Live Streams. In order to ensure we continue to function fluidly as a team, we are going to focus all of our operational efforts on the things that we believe are key and core to our competitive advantage in the long term. 


There is a massive volume of work that goes on behind the scenes and some of that can be alleviated by changing how we share project updates and maintain and support the needs of our faucet users.

We are looking to lean out our processes and focus the team’s scope of work in order to allow our team to focus on critical deliveries such as releasing Zendoo to mainnet, network ...

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