Hotspot Coffee Roasters Signs onto AMB-NET

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The Ambrosus is Ecosystem is proud to welcome HotSpot Coffee to the Ambrosus Network! As a specialty coffee roaster and commodity manager, HotSpot Coffee is at the nexus of coffee trading, processing, and distribution in Romania. To increase trust in their brand, speed up their digitization efforts, and connect consumers to the coffee they collect and distribute, HotSpot has signed onto the Ambrosus Network by launching their own Hermes Masternode on AMB-NET.

Solution Design

Coffee traceability has long been a focus in the coffee industry: There is a huge discrepancy surrounding where coffee really comes from, how it was harvested, and what is special about a specific roast.

As an initial step in trying to improve coffee visibility and verification, HotSpot Coffee is using AMB-NET to trace and manage where they get their coffee from, and what special information is contained in each unique roast package.

Data relating to the origin, journey, and special attributes of each coffee package are digitally uploaded onto a Hermes Masternode, before being hashed onto the Ambrosus blockchain. This data is then pulled into a QR code that can be found on the back of each package of Romanian Coffee.

As an initial solution design, the future development of coffee traceability and management with HotSpot remains open: Further integration with country of origin marketplaces, farmers, and finance solutions are areas of development that can be improved in the future. For now however, HotSpot will be focusing on improving their brand image to increasingly sustainability and ethically conscious consumers.

Scaling Coffee Traceability

For the Ambrosus Ecosystem, the launch of the HotSpot Coffee Hermes Masternode is an important moment for entrepreneurs and developers within the Ecosystem: The Coffee industry is ripe for digital disruption — and the tools that Ambrosus provides its community and entrepreneurs are perfect for digitizing coffee supply chains, for ...

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