How GV Follow Works? (continued)

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Part 2: Copy trading with your Binance account.

In our previous article we looked at how Genesis Vision Follow is used with our Genesis Markets broker. We will now look at how you can also use your Binance account with our copy trading module!

Binance is the only exchange supported at the moment, but we can assure you we are working on adding more of your favorite crypto exchanges. You can begin using GV Follow by loading your Binance API keys (without trading rights to deliver signals) without interacting with the Genesis Vision interface. Trade as you normally would on Binance and also reap the rewards of leading, on Genesis Vision Follow!

Once the API keys have been loaded, your trading history will appear in Genesis Vision, from here you will be included in the GV Follow list. Everyone will see your account and will be able to follow your trading strategy. You will then earn GVT from commissions from your subscribers!


  • If you are providing signals — you do not need to keep money in the GV platform.
  • If you are a subscriber and want to follow your favorite leaders — you need to have GVT on the platform to pay commission
  • You do not require KYC if you are using your external accounts with GV Follow.
  • You can revoke the API key at any time through the exchange interface and trades will no longer be copied.

How to attach an external account and become a Signal Provider?

  • Navigate to the Trading page.
  • Press ‘Attach external account
  • Follow the Binance guide on how to create your unique Binance API key and secret
  • Input your Binance account API key and API secret

Your new account will appear in the Private section with a ‘Pending’ status. It will take a few minutes to make sure everything is validated, ...

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