How Open-Source Platforms Promote Creativity and Drive Change

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How Open-Source Platforms Promote Creativity and Drive Change

The third generation of internet, or Web 3.0, has arrived and every day brings us closer to a more decentralized web ecosystem that brings power back to users. One of the biggest contributors  to Web 3.0 and its success is open-source software.

Open-source software empowers users to take full control, allowing individuals to seamlessly access and use platforms in whatever way is most useful for them. They also allow users to connect, collaborate and learn from one another, spurring greater creativity and making up the underpinning of most of the internet as we know it today.

So what exactly is open-source?

One of the keys to fully benefiting from open-source platforms is to understand what it truly means. As defined on, “Open-source software is collaboratively produced, shared freely, published transparently, and developed to be a community good rather than the property or business of a single company or person.” This vision is in line with what the founders of Golem Network had in mind from the beginning. Today, developers can verify the code and build their applications using Golem as a platform. Such applications can then be viewed by others in the community and be used to run, maintain or contribute and improve on. Soon, a community of users working together takes off, creating a continuously growing ecosystem of code, much like we now have here at Golem.

One of the most recognized examples of an open-source project outside of the blockchain world is WordPress. The WordPress codebase is open for anyone to copy, distribute and/or modify. The results speak for themselves, as according to WordPress, their platform powers 41% of the entire internet.

Open-source platforms are not only becoming increasingly popular, but are one of the best ways of accomplishing the purpose of Web ...

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