How to Add Storeman Stake Using “Partner-in”

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1. Prepare an Air Gapped Computer

Prepare a computer which has a clean install of your operating system of choice and which has never been connected to the internet or connected to any device with internet connection capabilities. Ensure that no cords are connected to your machine, and that all wireless connections are turned off, including bluetooth, wifi, or any other wireless communication methods.

Ensure that your computer is password protected and the contents are encrypted.

2. Prepare the Offline Wallet

A) Download Offline Wallet on Another Computer

Download the Wanchain offline wallet installer on another computer and copy it to a new and unused usb flash drive.

B) Install the Wallet

Transfer the wallet to your air gapped computer using the usb drive, and use the wallet installer to install it to your computer.

C) Create an Account

Click the Create button to create a new account.

Remember the account name and password.

After clicking “Submit”, a new account will be generated, in this example we have chosen the username of “L”.

5. Back up the keystore file

Click the “Backup” button in the upper right corner, there you can see the directory where the keystore file is located.

In the file explorer, open the directory and back up the keystore file to your USB flash drive. After transferring the keystore to the flash drive, you should never re-connect the drive to a network connected device.

Save your USB drive in a safe place. We recommend you make several backup USB drives especially in case you are securing a large amount of assets as there is a small chance the drive may become corrupted.

6. Transfer WAN to Your Address

The minimum amount of WAN required for “partner in” stake is 10,000. Don’t forget to also include some WAN for paying gas fees. 10 WAN should be plenty for gas....

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