How To: Connect to AMB-NET

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Connecting to AMB-NET with MetaMask

MetaMask enables its users to connect to the blockchain. It originally works as a web browser extension, and allows for fast connections to the Ethereum blockchain and test networks. Additionally, MetaMask is also compatible with the Ambrosus Network, since AMB-NET is based on Ethereum yet more advanced and efficient. In this article we will show you how to connect to AMB-NET and start managing your AMB coins and masternodes.

Step 1: Open or create a MetaMask account

Create an account for MetaMask, or open your existing account. In case you need to download the application, be sure you are visiting the official website.

Step 2: Opening the Settings

Once you have created an account in MetaMask for the Ambrosus Network, the next step is to connect to the network. Open the MetaMask extension in your browser. Click on the kebab menu (three vertical dots) and select “Expand view”. Now, your screen should look as follows.

Step 3: Creating a Custom RPC

In the top-right corner, click on the network dropdown menu. Select “Custom RPC” at the bottom. By default, a little yellow warning box will appear. You may disregard this and continue adding the custom RPC for AMB-NET. These are the necessary inputs:

The other fields are optional. Click on “Save” to add the network. Please note that the chainID may change to “16718” upon saving. These automatic changes by MetaMask should not affect your ability to manage AMB coins through MetaMask. Furthermore, AMB may appear as ETH in MetaMask since the application is built for Ethereum mainly....

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