How to Cross-chain Transfer Your BTC to wanBTC

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Here are the steps for converting BTC to wanBTC. The backward converstion steps from wanBTC to BTC are almost the same.

1. Send your BTC to WanWallet Desktop

Open WanWallet Desktop, go to Wallet > BTC > @Bticoin, and copy your Bitcoin address.

Send your BTC from your Bitcoin wallet or crypto exchange to this WanWallet Bitcoin address.

2. Convert

On the left panel, go to Cross Chain > BTC > Bitcoin <-> Wanchain, and click Convert.

wanBTC is the converted format of BTC on Wanchain, so actually wanBTC address is the same to WAN address.

Select your wanBTC address from the itme To(Wanchain) in WanWallet.

Type the amount of bitcoins you want to convert, and click Next.

Note: You need to both have sufficient BTC and WAN on your sender address and receiver address for the Gas fees on both chains. Otherwise, the cross-chain transfer may fail due to insufficient balance.

In the Confirm window, make sure that transaction information is correct, and click Send.

3. Check Transaction Status

In the Transaction History, you can check the status of this transaction.

After the six blocks confirmed on Bitcoin network, you will then receive wanBTC on your WanWallet address. The final transaction status will be Success in your WanWallet if the cross-chain transfer is successful.

There are several types of status you will experience one after another:

  • Lock Request Sent
  • ...

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