How to manage several accounts on the AdEx Platform

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In this article we’ll show you how easy it is to manage different AdEx accounts from one main account

The AdEx Platform is made to connect directly advertisers and publishers, but many advertisers rely on digital agencies to run ads on their behalf. Naturally, marketing agencies started working with our platform as well.

It is common for agencies to work with different accounts for their clients. In this article we’ll demonstrate how easy it is to manage different AdEx accounts from one main account and change privileges among different profiles on the platform.

Register an account on AdEx Network

To register an account on AdEx Network all you need is a valid email address. Just go to the platform and hit “Create account”. The registration process is pretty straightforward.

For each account you’ll be using on the AdEx Platform you’ll need a unique email address for registration, so if you run an agency you have two options for your clients’ accounts:

  • Ask your clients to register their accounts or create an email address for you, or
  • Use an email of yours, e.g.

Even if you use an email of yours, you can easily pass ownership of the account to your client later, so don’t worry.

Managing ownership

If you are familiar with Metamask and creating addresses on the Ethereum network, you can skip to the next step.

Here comes the magic. As you know, the AdEx Platform works on the Ethereum Network blockchain. When you register an account on our platform with your email address, we create a cryptographic identity /address/ for your account on the Ethereum blockchain. Think of it as of an email address or a public website domain, but in the blockchain space.

This identity address can be used for this account only and won’t be able to manage other ...

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