How to Play the ‘Dark Forest’

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Developed by: Wanchain community developers

Audit by: Wanchain dev team

Result: All clear, no loopholes

IMPORTANT NOTICE: ‘Dark Forest’ is another WanDevs’ gamification application. It’s NOT from Wanchain official dev team. The private key is stored locally with no security risk of exposure.

Explore in the universe, occupy planets, and collect resources.

Resources are divided into two types: ‘Energy’ and ‘Silver’.

Energy is used for resource transportation and planet occupation, and silver mines are used for planet upgrade.

Level 0 planets cannot be upgraded or stored silver mines.

Each planet can automatically increase its energy until it reaches the energy limit.

Only some special planets can produce silver mines.

(As shown in the picture below: the lightning icon is the energy, and the ZK icon is the silver mine)

Each planet has a natural level. Level 0 is the lowest and cannot be upgraded. Planets level 1 and above can be upgraded through using silver mines.

Click the planet, and click the details button to view the detailed information of that planet.

Detailed information is shown below:


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