How to set up a validator node on CENNZnet

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This guide will cover how to set up a Validator node on CENNZnet. Specifically how to set up a Validator node in a non-programmatic way which can be done with docker or system admin skills.

There are two ways to set up a validator node on CENNZnet:

  1. Using the CENNZnet API
  2. Using the CENNZnet portal (

The API method requires JavaScript programming skills. It allows you to automate the process, so you can set up multiple validators more easily. To set up a validator programmatically using CENNZnet’s API, please refer to our technical documentation found on the Wiki here.

The CENNZnet portal method can be done by anyone regardless of coding skill and is quicker to complete.


  • Familiar with using the command line
  • Docker or system admin experiences

Setting up a validator node using the portal

You can follow a visual guide to the below steps here:

Step 1: Start a validator node

There are two ways to start a validator node:

  1. Start a fresh node: this is a faster process, but you may need to wait a couple of days for it to finish synchronisation, depending on the network conditions.
  2. Start a node from a snapshot: this requires downloading a snapshot (a complete copy of the state of a node) which is currently around 50G. Once you have downloaded the snapshot, you can start a node that’s already synchronised.

Starting a fresh node

Run the following command in your terminal to start a node as a validator and join the CENNZnet Mainnet (Azalea).


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