How to transfer crypto into Civic Wallet

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We’ve heard from many of you about your love of cryptocurrency. Many of you have accumulated a few different wallets along the way and have asked about the best way to HODL crypto. Now that Civic Wallet is in app stores, we hope you’re excited to take advantage of the wallet’s features. With Civic Wallet, you can bring in your crypto and start protecting it with the company’s $1 Million Cryptocurrency Protection Guarantee (full terms & conditions). The protection is already part of each Civic Wallet, and there’s no need to sign up for it.

Now, let’s say that you lose your phone or somehow lose access to your Civic Wallet. Depending on the digital wallet you use, this could mean that you lose access to your cryptocurrency permanently. But, here’s what Civic Wallet gets right, where other digital wallets may fail: because Civic Wallet is multisig and has already verified your identity during enrollment, restoring your digital identity and cryptocurrency is easy.

Having lived through some of crypto’s earlier years, many of us are familiar with stories of people who have misplaced passwords or somehow lost their private keys. Thankfully, with Civic Wallet, there are no more passwords or seed phrases to track.

How to bring your digital currency into Civic Wallet

After downloading Civic Wallet and setting up an account with some basic information, you may easily send yourself some digital currency (USD, BTC, ETH or CVC) from a digital wallet outside of the Civic network.

Tap Receive to transfer funds into Civic Wallet from another wallet or exchange.
  1. Open your Civic Wallet and select your currency type. For example, if you choose to start with BTC, tap on the Receive icon. Once on the Receive screen, copy your unique BTC address to your phone.
  2. Then, go ...

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