How to unlock the RLC/KRW pair on Bithumb

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Each week, Bithumb holds a contest called “BTC OPEN” in which the best performing asset gets to unlock the Korean Won (KRW) pair. We are in the middle of round 5:

Here are the 5 criteria used to rank the tokens:

  1. Price-performance (daily average) ✅
  2. Trading volume (1-week cumulative volume) ⚠
  3. Deposit amount (daily average) ✅
  4. Number of traders (daily average) ⚠
  5. Digital asset integrity (compliance) ✅

While the RLC token has among the best rankings for criteria 1, 3 & 5 ✅ it is lacking some momentum on the “2. Trading volume” and “4. Number of traders” criteria to win this round.

Would you like to see the RLC/KRW pair added on Bithumb?

Here is how you (or anyone) can help in 4 steps!

It takes 15 minutes, and only requires owning a few RLC or Satoshis.

1- Open a Bithumb account (1 mn)

Go to and fill in your account details:

Back up your account password as well as your security password, then click on the “Submit” button. Once done, a pop-up informs you that you will receive an email:

Open your email client, and click on the confirmation link. Once confirmed, you can log in to your Bithumb account at this address:

2- Complete KYC steps (10 mn)

Once logged in to your Bithumb account, go to and click on the “send ID (passport)” button.

Then attach a photo of you, holding your passport next to your face:


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