How will Personalization Change Brick-and-Mortar Retail?

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From your daily needs and groceries to high fashion clothing and cars, almost everything is available online. So, why do customers still enjoy shopping at a brick and mortar store? It isn’t really for the selection- it’s for the experience. For brick and mortar stores to maintain their relevance, these stores need to focus on superior customer experiences.

The future of retail lies in blending online and offline experiences with a personalized touch. According to a study, retail outlets can increase revenues by 5–15% by offering personalized services. The retailer’s smartphone app can play a large role in personalizing and improving a customer’s in-store experiences. Here’s how.

Better Insights Into Customer’s Interests

Personalization doesn’t stop at knowing a customer’s name. To improve a customer’s shopping experience, a store needs to be able to show him/her products that are relevant to his/her interests. This becomes easier when a salesperson can see the customer’s shopping patterns. If the customer has been browsing through formal shirts on the e-store and has a few in his cart, then that’s what he needs to be shown. If he’s been looking for a blue shirt online, the retail outlet has a higher chance of converting a sale by showing him a blue shirt rather than a black one.

Localized Promotions

Let’s say there’s a wedding coming up in your family and you’ve been looking for the perfect outfit. What we tend to do is click on ‘add to cart’ for any dress that we like. Let’s say, you happen to pass by the store selling these dresses. Your smartphone app can remind you that you’d shortlisted pieces from this store. It may even be able to tell you which of those dresses are in stock at that particular outlet. As a customer, wouldn’t you be encouraged to ...

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