Huobi x BOR AMA Recap

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Huobi x BOR (BoringDAO) AMA was a great success!

To thank the BOR community for participating in the Huobi x BOR AMA — Huobi wants you to have a special treat of a welcome bonus to

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🔹Now in the first section, we had an introduction of Enki and Ted:

Enki, BoringDAO core member, has been a college assistant professor for 5 years, teaching finance and economics courses. His research is focusing on monetary theory and policy, that’s when he found Bitcoin. Then he jumped into the blockchain world, till today.

Ted has been in the crypto space now for more than 4 years starting out as a BTC holder himself and eventually finding a more relatable use case for crypto in DeFi at the end of 2019. He currently advises for the BoringDAO as well as COVER Protocol and previously to this was in the financial services sector for 15 years spending 10 of those with GE Capital.

🔹About BOR

BoringDAO is a decentralized asset bridge project that operates as a DAO, which allows any blockchain with smart contracts such as Ethereum to become a Layer2 solution for Bitcoin, making BTC and other assets programmable. It uses ‘Tunnel mechanism’ and triple pledging to let BTC, LTC and other blockchain assets seamlessly engage with Ethereum and other blockchain networks.

BOR is the native token for BoringDAO ecosystem, and has both utility and governance features. It can be obtained through mint mining and farming. The use cases are pledging into tunnels to earn mint fees, payment and governance.

BoringDAO has a uniquely designed 3-layer security mechanism that safeguards users’ assets (Asset Layer: P2SH Multisig+OP_RETURN; Contract Layer: over collateral; application Layer: decentralized insurance, like Nsure & Cover etc.).

Mint Mining and Boring Farm works ...

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