Huobi x CoinMarketCal A Coin To Keep An Eye On — NEM!

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Huobi x CoinMarketCal 👀A Coin To Keep An Eye On — NEM!

🔹What is XEM?

NEM is an acronym for New Economy Movement, a blockchain platform that was build from the ground up. The actual cryptocurrency trades with the symbol XEM. It was designed as an enterprise solution for the upcoming blockchain revolution and global economy.

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🔹 Feb snapshot airdrop XYM Airdrop for XEM Holders

xem/usd - Jan 11- 1D — 00:25:36 EST

📈 Analysis

After accumulating under the January monthly open, XEM rallied 87% in a single day before retracing to support near $0.2276.

Buyers continue to snatch up dips under the monthly open, suggesting that accumulation is still taking place.

Bulls could look for entries in this region while being conscious of a potential stop run below the cluster of lows at $0.1667. Two areas of support, beginning near $0.1492 and $0.1434, provide probable buys if the price dips this low.

The equal highs near $0.3142 provide a first reasonable bullish target. If the price takes this target and penetrates the surrounding resistance, the next probable resistance begins near $0.4348. Possible targets include the old highs just above this resistance near $0.4544, $0.47, and $0....

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