Huobi x DHT AMA Recap

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Huobi x dHEDGE (DHT) AMA was a great success.

In the first section, we had the introduction of Henrik Andersson and dHEDGE (DHT):

Henrik Andersson, CFA, Co-founder dHEDGE, Co-founder mStable, CIO Apollo Capital.

Henrik has over 17 years’ experience in global financial markets, with almost a decade on Wall Street. Henrik has extensive experience across three continents as a quantitative analyst, senior research analyst and in institutional equity sales. Henrik holds a Master of Science in Engineering Physics from the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) and a Master of Science in Business Administration and Economics from Stockholm University. He is a CFA charterholder. He has been in the crypto space for the past 7 years and now devoting much of his time to dHEDGE together with the emerging community of Hedgehogs.

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About dHEDGE

dHEDGE is Decentralized hedge fund and asset management protocol connecting the world’s best investment managers with investors on the Ethereum blockchain in a permissionless, trustless fashion.

dHEDGE is building on top of Synthetix meaning our traders can enjoy zero-slippage on all the assets available on Synthetix. They can go both long and short. Assets span crypto, commodities, FX, and equities.

The protocol is completely non-custodial meaning investors don’t have to give up ownership of assets and managers cannot take possession of assets.

dHEDGE is looking to use Ethereum to democratize the world of investments by creating an open protocol that can be used by anyone.

Our governance token is #DHT and is currently trading on Huobi Global.

In the second section, our CM asked Henrik Andersson some important questions related to the project and its development.

🔷1. How dHEDGE different from other decentralized asset management protocols?

dHEDGE enables the trading of a lot more assets....

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