ICON 2.0 Alpha Version Released!

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Sejong Testnet Launched with ICON 2.0 Features

Greetings ICONists,

We’re proud to announce that the alpha version of the ICON 2.0 implementation has been successfully released today. To fully test this implementation publicly, we launched a new testnet, Sejong, for the community so that everyone can see and experience ICON 2.0 through ICONex and ICON Tracker for Sejong.

Network information below:

Sejong is a testnet for testing core technologies, including IISS 3.1 features, Bonding features, P-Rep Slashing features, and such. This testnet will continue to be upgraded as new updates are released and could be reset or rolled back at any time without notice. The foundation will operate 22 P-Rep nodes for testing purposes at the start, and after that, we will set up an environment for the community to operate P-Rep nodes.

Since the alpha version of ICON 2.0 implementation is based on the Goloop implementation, basic core improvements that existed on the Goloop are supported. Additionally, this alpha version supports most of ICON 2.0 features so that users can test features. You can find new APIs supporting ICON 2.0 features here: https://github.com/icon-project/goloop/blob/master/doc/iiss_extension....

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