ICON 2.0: Introducing a new blockchain software architecture based on Go

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Batang: The Foundation for the Future Growth of the ICON Network

Attention ICONists,

Our biggest secret is finally out. Today, we are excited to announce our next significant technical advancement — ICON 2.0: BATANG, a new blockchain software architecture based on Go. The word “Batang” means “base” or “foundation” in the Korean language and we see ICON 2.0 as the base or foundational technology that will support the future growth of the ICON network.

The current ICON mainnet, built entirely on Python, was our first raw attempt to create and experiment with a public blockchain network. We were proud that ICON became one of the top blockchain networks, but we knew we could do much better now with more experience under our belt. Therefore, about a year ago, ICON’s core developers started to completely redesign the existing loopchain’s architecture in an effort to prepare us for the future. Now, the ICON 2.0 is built and ready to go.

ICON 2.0 is a brand new software; a faster, more stable, and scalable high-performance blockchain that inherits the current ICON Network. We are completely overhauling the ICON mainnet that was launched in 2018. ICON 2.0 will come standard with interoperability features to support and power cross-chain DeFi solutions. At launch, the ICON Foundation will deploy all necessary smart contracts on high-profile blockchains and will also run the relayers.

ICON 2.0 uses an enhanced and completely rewritten blockchain engine: “Goloop”, providing an improved blockchain experience over the existing Python-based loopchain.

Again, we would like to emphasize that goloop base modules for enterprises are completed. Some of ICONLOOP’s enterprise clients including Seoul Metropolitan Government are also preparing to use the new blockchain engine. We are planning a smooth migration process and there should be no necessary actions to be taken by ICONists. ...

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