ICON Foundation Grant Program 2020

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The new ICON Foundation Grant Program will complement Contribution Proposal System(CPS) to continue funding projects that benefit the ICON Community

Dear ICONists,

We are pleased to announce the launch of the ICON Foundation Grant Program 2020.

The current ICON Community Grant Program will transition to the Contribution Proposal System (CPS), a decentralized on-chain grant program collectively managed by the Public Representatives (“P-Reps”) of the ICON network. Therefore, we will no longer accept new proposals for the ICON Community Grant Program beginning December 1, 2020.

On December 20, 2019, the ICON Foundation announced the ICON Community Grant Program. And since then, we have proudly funded more than 45 projects that directly benefited the ICON community. We stated, “this program will operate until the CPS is fully developed and implemented on the ICON Network.” That time has finally come.


The purpose of the ICON Foundation Grant Program is to complement, not compete, with the upcoming CPS and continue funding projects that benefit the ICON Community. We believe that the ICON Foundation Grant Program alongside the CPS will help accelerate the growth of the ICON ecosystem.


Under the new grant program, the following proposals are considered eligible:

  1. Request-For-Proposal (RFP). From time to time, the ICON Foundation will provide RFPs for anyone to compete for. Or, we may provide RFPs to specific third parties who we believe are best suited for the projects that we would like to pursue.
  2. Rejected CPS Proposals for Infrastructure & Core Development. We strongly believe that more good infrastructure and core development projects will help better position the ICON network for long-term growth. To avoid duplicate grant approval, we would only consider projects that were rejected by the CPS process.
  3. Rejected CPS Proposals with a Business Model. We want to see more existing and new businesses utilize the ICON network. ...

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