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Hello from ICONFi,

A couple of weeks ago, we announced the upcoming launch of ICONFi. We were overwhelmed by the response from the community with over $25 million in capital commitment to date. Amazing! We received some great questions and feedback, so we wanted to take the opportunity to address them today. Your trust is important to us and we want to make every effort to build the best product and service for you.

Launch Promotion

We had the most number of questions on the Launch Promotion, and understandably so. The purpose for the Launch Promotion is to reward ICONFi’s earliest adopters for testing out our product and service first-hand. We want to make this promotion fair and beneficial for you because our goal is to learn from you.

  • Only pre-launch sign up users are eligible to receive our Launch Promotion’s 20% APR rate. Users who sign up after the ICONFi launch will not receive this rate.
  • Launch Promotion 20% APR rate is a 7-day Fixed Interest product. Eligible users cannot withdraw the accrued interest and principal amount until maturity (7 days). After maturity, users have the option to keep the interest and principal in the Flexible Interest account, or subscribe to our normal Fixed Interest product offerings, which will still have competitive interest rates.
  • Launch Promotion is for our Earn product only, which will initially include BTC, ETH, and USDT deposits. ICX is not included. This is because ICX is a Staking product and we offer the same ICX staking rewards as self-custody wallets (e.g. ICONex). On ICONFi, ICX deposits benefit from auto re-staking.
  • Max deposit amounts are 0.5 BTC, 15 ETH, and 10,000 USDT. Eligible users can subscribe to all 3 digital assets offerings at once to gain the full benefit.
  • ...

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