ICX Station Announces the Revamp of ICON Vote

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ICON Vote Revamp

ICX Station is proud to announce that ICON Vote revamp has been completed with the support of the Parrot 9 team and a community developer. We are extremely excited that ICON Vote went through the beta testing phase, collected feedback from community members, and is ready to be utilized by P-reps and community members of the ICON Ecosystem for more active governance.

Here are a few major updates since the beta release:

  1. P-reps can create a proposal that is specific to community members who voted for a specific P-rep or general community members who voted for any P-rep with their staked ICX
  2. New About Page
  3. Enhanced user experience/design

As a reminder, ICON Vote has the following major benefits:

  1. Utilize collective intelligence from the community: we believe the community is the biggest asset to the ICON ecosystem and it would be a waste to not utilize the community’s feedback.
  2. Silent majority can voice their opinion now through votes: social media can sometimes be skewed towards a specific direction based on vocal minorities and many do not like to participate in such discussions. ICON Vote can give them an outlet to voice their opinion.
  3. Great efficiency and productivity: Discussion needs to end sometimes and voting can help move conversations forward. Healthy discussions are always good, but some discussions never end, and there is no progress. As a mature community, we need to sometimes agree to disagree and put it to a vote so that we can move on to work on greater things.

We believe in dogfooding, so we will actively start utilizing the revamped ICON Vote for the upcoming Contribution Proposal System (CPS). CPS, which has been one of the most significant innovations by the ICON Project, is expected to launch soon and P-reps are supposed to evaluate projects that ...

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