.ID for Google Docs – strong signatures right inside your favorite text editor

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This week we roll out Google Docs add-on for .ID. It is a brand new tool in .ID product family that allows our users to seamlessly integrate advanced electronic signatures with popular document editing app. It is a next step in our journey to bring high-end digital identity based signature services to the masses.

Does the following sound familiar to you?

You have created a 20-pager contract draft and sent it to your partner for review, it comes back after a few days with the small note that he changed some wordings in the document, but unfortunately forgot to turn on the track change feature.

So you open up the original file in one window and the copy of the file from your partner in another. After hours of scrutinising both documents you identify the differences, but you also find a few typos he made.

So you’ll send the document back with the fixes (carefully marked with the “track changes” on) and ask if he approves the changes and perhaps he is ready to sign it now.

Document signing made quick and easy! When you have finished your Google Docs file then just send it to .ID platform and add more signers and viewers securely.

Again a few days pass and finally you will receive a PDF file from him with the scanned print out (with red track-changes nicely visible) with his lovely initials under each page. “Here you go!” states the happy note in the email with the compulsory smiley.

The document itself is now 43MB large (it was around 56KB before) and some of the pages are not so well scanned, so it’s a bit difficult to read. And of course, never mind the nice red comments and track-changes on the sidebars.

Sign the original, don’t get versions mixed-up

Unfortunately, this is how ...

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