Ideas for the Spring 2021 Skynet Hackathon

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We’ve just kicked off our Spring 2021 hackathon, and the theme is user engagement. We want developers to create applications that will kick start social interactions between users on the dweb; we want to celebrate freedom from our corporate overlords by sharing that freedom with friends. I’ve pulled together a list of ideas that fit this theme and that I personally feel would bring significant value to the decentralized ecosystem.

The specific criteria for this hackathon requires that each application include some element of multi-user interaction. This can be as direct as two users playing a game together, or as passive as one user reading content presented by another user.

In building these ideas, I really tried to narrow in on things that I felt would only take about 2 weekends of effort to build, since that’s about the amount of time remaining in our hackathon. And of course, these are just a set of ideas to kick-start the creative process, the best submissions are often projects that I never would have imagined myself. So without further ado:

Personal Video Channel

On the centralized web, the production of content and consumption of that content tends to happen on the same application. Whether it’s YouTube, Twitch, Twitter, Instagram, SoundCloud, the main mode of consumption happens on the same website as the main mode of creation and publication. And this is a consequence of the siloed data model of the centralized web. Once uploaded to a single application, the data is locked to that application.

On Skynet, things are different. Every piece of content is available to every application, which means applications can specialize between tasks such as publication, curation, and presentation. The next generation of YouTube is probably not going to look anything like YouTube, and is probably not going to be just a ...

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