Identity Verification Is Now More Flexible Than Ever

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Over the past few years, Civic has been proud to support our customers in reducing fraud, achieving compliance and onboarding customers quickly. And, during that time we have learned a lot more about our customers’ needs, which has directed our product evolution. Today, we’re proud to introduce our new Identity Verification by Civic. We’ve completely revamped our identity technology on the front end for businesses, so that installing and managing identification is easy, and businesses can get up and running quickly. And, our service is even more flexible with a pay-as-you-go option.

In the era of lockdowns, commerce has accelerated its shift from brick-and-mortar stores to digital shopping. At the same time, new regulation addressing fraud is driving business compliance in the cryptocurrency space. With these tectonic shifts underway, identity verification has never been more important. Businesses need technology solutions that protect them from fraud, maintain compliance and their customers’ privacy all while creating scalable environments.

Identity verification has always been our core mission at Civic. We believe that everyone should have a digital identity they own and control. When people and businesses have more control over the information they transact with, safer platforms can be created for everyone.

Advanced Technology for Business

Identity Verification by Civic has been completely redesigned for simplicity, making it easy to implement for any ecommerce use case. A streamlined experience means your business can more effectively use our industry-leading technology.

With identity verification support for more than 195 countries, Civic can support your business globally. Trust is the essential ingredient when it comes to transacting safely. That’s why we’ve invested in the biometric and liveness verification, which provides a less than one percent false rejection rate. This means that no matter where you do your business, commerce with your customers is GDPR, CCPA and ...

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