iExec allocates 1 Million USD to Fund Innovation using the iExec RLC Protocol

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iExec Developer Rewards & Grants: Allocating $1 Million to Fund Innovation using the iExec RLC Protocol

iExec is proud to announce the start of the iExec Developer Rewards program. The program allocates $1 Million in RLC tokens to inspire developers to discover the opportunities for innovation made possible with the iExec protocol.

The program will offer 2 types of funding:

1. Quickly claimable rewards for application developers

2. Long-term grant funding

The program is ongoing, and offers funding rewards and support to anyone building with iExec, be it individual developers or larger teams. From easily claimable rewards for developers to larger grants for more ambitious projects, learn more about the reward tiers below:

How to Submit a Project Proposal:

Fill in the following form:


Tips & Evaluation Criteria:

  • The program is intended for applications that demonstrate the use of iExec technology and use the RLC (or eRLC) token.
  • Proposals must be submitted using this form. Describe in detail what the application does, what problems it aims to solve, and what unique features of iExec are used. If you are looking for a larger, long-term, projects grant, you will be asked additional questions regarding the duration of the project as well as justifications of the costs.
  • To make it easier to fill out the form, please consider noting your responses in an external document before copying and pasting them into the form.

Your application will be evaluated by the iExec team based on these criteria:

  • Adoption Value (RLC token adoption)
  • Usefulness of use-case
  • Experience of the team
  • Technical feasibility
  • Innovation


Your project submission:

  1. Must use the iExec tech stack and RLC token
  2. Must not use someone else’s code
  3. ...

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