Important Announcement For Sphere by Horizen Users – Mandatory Upgrade

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We urge Sphere by Horizen wallet users to upgrade to the newest version of Sphere by Horizen (1.2.9-beta) that fixes a security issue we recently found in our codebase.

After an internal audit, our engineers identified and fixed the issue. The security issue has a low likelihood of occurrence yet will not be disclosed to protect wallet users that have not upgraded. 

Security notification example

Sphere by Horizen v1.2.9-beta provides users with a security notification in case their wallet has been compromised. If a security alert appears after login, the user should create a new wallet and stop using the old one immediately.

NOTE: The alert will be displayed only if the wallet has been affected by the security issue.

Sphere by Horizen is still in beta. It is envisioned as a launching point for additional services on the Horizen network. Our roadmap includes conducting a third-party audit prior to open-sourcing the software.

Download Sphere by Horizen v.1.2.9

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