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Bridge to a Universe of Possibilities

Navigating one’s way through the world of potential use cases of blockchain technology can, at times, be a daunting perspective. Crypto currencies, smart contracts, the link between the two, how to apply them, which ones to pick… it can be a veritable minefield when attempting to approach it. Not to mention the issues that might occur either with a lack of interoperability between certain networks and technologies, or the hurdles that might present themselves in terms of transaction costs of time and effort.

Well, no more. Enter — æLink.

One Network — Unlimited Options

æLink is brought to you by the team that stands behind Assetify — the DeFinitive DeFi platform which uses the almighty æternity blockchain to enable financial institutions to accept blockchain assets as loan collateral. The entire process is vetted and secure and uses multisignature wallets to store and secure funds, enabling a trustless link between the borrower and the lender, all the while ensuring that collateral can be tracked and is locked until the loan is completed. The æternity blockchain lends is power to providing greater functionality to DeFi applications while delivering higher scalability than other blockchain networks — with fees 100 times cheaper than the Ethereum blockchain!

And now, these guys are onto something amazing.

æLink, in a nutshell, allows users to create smart contracts on the æternity network — that are linked to and use other cryptocurrencies! It allows for a link to any Bitcoin-based coin out there, and lends its users all of the cool amazing features æternity blockchain has to offer, all the while enhancing the liquidity and usefulness of the crypto currency it’s linked to.

The team behind Assetify has already been using all the advanced features that the æternity blockchain ecosystem offers, like smart contracts, oracles, and events, so they decided to expand their reach. ...

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