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A conversation with Emiliyan Enev, CEO of ReCheck

As we have previously briefly featured, ReCheck brings simple, safe, and user-friendly access to Blockchain technology. What makes ReCheck different is the nature of the solution — super easy registration, verification, sharing, tracking, and signing of data on the blockchain. ReCheck is data and blockchain-agnostic, meaning that it allows for a blockchain ecosystem to be changed and adapted when needed. Person-to-person encryption allows users to benefit from a maximum level of security when sharing sensitive data.

Exchange sensitive data. Protect privacy. Manage traceability.

In 2020, ReCheck pivoted to an online document-management service deployed on the æternity blockchain, providing startups and SMEs with a set of tools (protocol for encryption, software libraries, API, etc. packaged in an SDK) to protect sensitive data and share with ultimate security and privacy. The SDK of the company dramatically decreases time, costs, and risks for everyone who would like to leverage blockchain for practical business purposes.

æternity blockchain development team spoke to Emiliyan Enev, CEO of ReCheck, to bring the æcommunity the story behind and the latest results of the team.

In the following paragraphs readers can find some of the official ReCheck statements, and the CEO’s commentary. Furthermore, Emiliyan will share his advice to blockchain-based companies from the perspective of a founder, as well as a look back on the beginnings of ReCheck and why they decided to build and grow on the æternity blockchain.

The new solution will streamline document exchange. Through optimization of the process, interested parties will improve efficiency in data management, without compromising privacy and security.

Can you give us an example of who will benefit most from streamlining their processes and how will privacy and security stay uncompromised?

”The real optimization of business processes is achieved through smart contracts and leveraging ...

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