In the spotlight: Vereign

A conversation with Head of Product Development, Georg Greve

Today we’d like to bring to your attention Vereign, a company that successfully utilizes the æternity blockchain and its unique advantages. Vereign uses advanced protection technology that integrates with existing inbox infrastructure to provide authenticity, security, and trust to the entire email communication process. It also has a showcase implementation on how to sign, share, and verify sensitive documents all the while being fully eIDAS/ZertES compliant. Vereign has been prototyping a Self Sovereign Identity wallet and node solution with an extreme focus on usability and user experience — allowing anyone to manage their personal digital identity and decide who sees what by selectively sharing their data via their Vereign account.

Email is one of the oldest protocols on the internet, and the most successful. There have been numerous would-be “email killers” in the past decades, but email just continues to grow in importance and numbers. Today it is the most successful communication protocol with 4 billion users. It is also the only censorship-resistant and federated network for unverified identity. And the primary channel for communication of value — especially for professionals.

Vereign brings us the long-awaited evolution of email by utilizing the biggest advantages blockchain can offer in securing our communication.

We’ve spoken with Chairman and Head of Product Development at Vereign, Mr. Georg Greve about the company, its journey in the field of blockchain innovation, its future, as well as the reason they chose to build on the æternity blockchain.

As you’ve stated before, email is the primary choice for business and professional services and continues to be the dominant medium of communication through decades. Hence, you believe the first blockchain to really scale on top of email is going to be champion — and the first to see mass adoption.

Can you elaborate a little more on ...

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