Interoperable DeFi made easy: $WAN cross-chain faucet now supports all tokens!

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The basic idea underlying interoperable DeFi is that things should just work. For everyone. As such, the Wanchain Foundation is happy to announce that the $WAN cross-chain faucet now supports all cross-chain transactions to Wanchain.

This means that, until further notice, everyone who completes any cross-chain transaction to Wanchain — be it from Bitcoin, Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Doge, XRP Ledger or any other chain — will always have enough WAN to cover the fees for a small handful of transactions.

How to complete a cross-chain transaction:

There are three primary ways to initiate a cross-chain transaction to Wanchain:

  1. Using the Wanchain desktop wallet: user manual, video walkthrough
  2. Using WanBridge Web: user manual, video walkthrough
  3. Using Instant Cross: video walkthrough

How to access the $WAN cross-chain faucet

To take advantage of the $WAN cross-chain faucet, all you need to do is complete a cross-chain transaction to Wanchain. Doing so will trigger a bot that ensures your account has at least 0.0005 WAN — enough to cover several transactions on the Wanchain network.

What to do next?

After completing your cross-chain transaction to Wanchain, you are all set to take advantage of a wide variety of DeFi applications! Your first stop should be to WanSwap — the world’s best cross-chain decentralised exchange. WanSwap lets you trade for WAN and a variety of other tokens including BTC, ETH, USDT and XRP.

From there, you are free to take advantage of a number of DeFi applications, including but not limited to:

If you’re still unsure how to take advantage of DeFi, read this introduction or ask the Wanchain community on Twitter or Telegram!

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