Introducing Loopring Creator Grants

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Are you a YouTube Content Creator?

Loopring Grants may be for you.

We want to reward creative content producers for putting out quality content around our key products:

Currently we are looking to reward quality content that helps educate users about our products.

This could be general education about our products, tutorials, walk-throughs or guides.

​If your content fits this criteria — submit it to us (@ to be entered for our Grants, which will be given out every Quarter (every 3 months!).

The first round of Grants will be distributed to creators in July 2021.

You don’t have to be a big YouTube Star to receive our Grants

(and the Grants could even lead to an ongoing Sponsorship from Loopring!)

We are simply looking for quality YouTube content (other video platforms will be considered as well) that educates + informs people about our products.

You don’t need huge view counts or subscriber bases — although a captive audience is sometimes a good sign of quality content ;)

$5,000 in grants will be given out every quarter

Our first round of Grants will be distributed to creators in July 2021 for the period of May 2021(today!) — June 2021.

1st — $2,500

2nd — $1,250

3rd — $500


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