Introducing Piece — DApp with Multiple Awards from Hack the Rainbow

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Introducing Piece — DApp with Multiple Awards from Hack the Rainbow

Piece — Incentivized Protocol for Creators and Supporters
Note from the Skynet team: We loved Piece and everything it stands for — direct financial support of the content and creators you enjoy. Thanks so much for this blog post detailing your creative process!

Oct 5, 2020 marks the end of hackathon Hack the Rainbow, with 3 main sponsors NEAR, Sia, and Textile with total prizes of over $50k.

I’ve been a crypto-trader since 2018, just looking at the price without touching or even playing around with the technology. Starting this year, I decided to pursue decentralized app development and web 3.0 in general.

Piece won 2 awards at Hack the Rainbow, 3rd place from NEAR and 1st place from Skynet. Check out Piece here (Piece is currently on Testnet).

Piece is an application similar to Ko-Fi or Buy Me A Coffee — but the coolest thing is it doesn’t have any platform cut fee, instead it distributes the fees to the earlier supporters. Piece simply rewards creators and their supporters.

Share a small portion of your future earnings with your supporters, not with the platforms.

You might think “how it is possible”? Well, it is because we are using a blockchain and decentralized technology stack. We use NEAR blockchain which offers cheap transaction fees (around $0.0001 per tx) and data storage Sia which currently offers free storage via its Skynet that can also host a website. So we only need to create a client-side application, deploy it to NEAR and Skynet and we’re good, pretty much serverless that cost almost $0 and no monthly fees which is why we don’t really need the pay cut to sustain the application.

Here’s a quick 2-minute demo of me using Piece.

How it works

Payment Structure

When someone supports a ...

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