Introducing Stoic: automated crypto trading with a hedge fund edge

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Today we present Stoic, the crypto robo-advisor on Binance with strategies based on Cindicator Capital’s quant research and ‘Hybrid Intelligence’. It’s like a crypto hedge fund experience for everybody.

In December 2019, we launched Cindicator Capital, the first hedge fund powered by ‘Hybrid Intelligence’. To do that we’ve spent years building everything from scratch to the institutional level: tech, legal, analytical and trading infrastructure.

Since then, Cindicator Capital has demonstrated stellar returns and generated the buzz in the industry.

But now we clearly see that hedge funds are the past.

Why keep the best of the Cindicator ecosystem exclusive to only the rich?

COVID-19 impacted all industries, speeding up changes that were already happening.

All schools suddenly went online.

Work went remote.

By the end of 2020, many more markets will be unrecognizable.

But for now, the best trading technology is still available only to the ‘accredited investors’, i.e. people with at least $1 million in assets who can invest in hedge funds.

And small retail investors have to suffer from inflation or just buy stocks — which they did, sending the market to an all-time high.

How long could this continue?

As Mike Brusov, co-founder and CEO of Cindicator, put it:

“Now is the perfect time to launch this product....

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