Introducing the CENNZnet NFT Module

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NFTs are the hot ticket in the digital world right now, but the barrier to entry still remains extremely high. For those without extensive knowledge of blockchain, specifically smart contract coding, getting your NFT idea off the starting blocks is near impossible.

At CENNZnet we don’t think this is good enough. Getting as many ideas and voices into the NFT and blockchain space is what we are all about — so we’ve built a solution!

We are introducing our brand new NFT runtime module. Using our module you will soon be able to mint and sell NFTs on CENNZnet without ever needing to touch a smart contract. Instead, users can create custom NFTs using just a Javascript API or point and click with a UI. Not only will this make it super straightforward for anyone to mint NFT assets, but creators also won’t be locked into a specific marketplace. We also have some pretty neat new features to make NFTs easier to store, share, and use. Let’s explain:

Hold up, what are runtime modules on CENNZnet?

Good question! The core mission of the CENNZnet protocol is to make blockchain development and functionality available to everyone. To make this possible we’ve done as many of the time-consuming parts of DApp building for you in the form of our prebuilt core services (or runtime modules). These work a bit like plugin functionalities. DApp developers can use and rely on our prebuilt core components (which provide services all DApps need), rather than having to code their own essential parts from scratch.

So what does the CENNZnet NFT module do?

In a sentence, the CENNZnet NFT module allows you to create and sell NFT tokens without needing to deploy a smart contract.

Why is that cool? Smart contracts are awesome, but they do require some specialist skills. Specifically (in ...

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