Introducing the Chainlink On-Chain Data Directory: Data.eth

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Introducing the Chainlink On-Chain Data Directory: Data.eth

Chainlink’s Price Reference Data Feeds are the most widely used decentralized oracle networks in the DeFi ecosystem, providing a tamper-resistant and highly reliable source of financial market data on cryptocurrencies, stablecoins, commodities, FX, indices, and more. With Chainlink Price Feeds now securing billions of user deposited funds for leading DeFi applications such as Aave and Synthetix, we are constantly working on building additional security features for our users so the DeFi ecosystem can continue to scale to secure more value.

Given our security focused approach, we are proud to announce the launch of the Chainlink On-Chain Data Directory using ENS, which creates an easily-identifiable on-chain index of Chainlink Price Feed addresses, providing users with additional assurances that they are relying on and/or sending funds to the right on-chain address. The Ethereum Name Service (ENS) is a decentralized protocol for the creation of human-readable domain names that point to specific on-chain addresses or contracts. Because ENS stores all metadata on-chain, as long as the Ethereum network continues to operate, users will be able to discover and connect their contracts to Chainlink Price Feeds in a straightforward and decentralized manner.

The key benefits of the Chainlink On-Chain Data Directory include:

  • Human-readable domain names for each on-chain Chainlink Price Feed
  • Censorship resistant discoverability of Chainlink Price Feeds using on-chain data
  • Seamless tracking of Price Feed upgrades through on-chain ENS events
  • Additional decentralization of the Chainlink ecosystem as a whole
  • An open standard that any developer or project can adopt for their own protocol

Currently, Chainlink Price Feeds are discoverable on both our feeds page and developer documentation. With the Chainlink On-Chain Data Directory, we are increasing the decentralization of how people can access Chainlink Price Feeds in addition to our current resources. The On-Chain Data Directory also makes it easier for various smart ...

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