Introducing Verified Identities on Proton

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We’re thrilled to announce that Verified Identities are now available on Proton mainnet! This means that users who opt into providing KYC information can receive a Proton Verified checkmark, minimizing opportunities for mistakes and unlocking new features. Verified Identities is a milestone achievement for Proton and marks a turning point in our quest to revolutionize how finance is done.

Verifying your identity is currently only available on iOS, but will be available on Android soon, the latest build was sent to the Android app store for review.

Verified Identities = More Confidence

You’ve probably heard countless stories of people mistakenly sending cryptocurrency to the wrong address, or to an address that is broken or doesn’t exist. Because of the nature of crypto, there’s no recovering from this – those funds are simply lost forever. With a Verified Identity on Proton, this risk is completely eliminated. Here’s how it works:

You are preparing to send a payment to your roommate to cover your share of rent. If you want to pay them in crypto, you traditionally have to type in a ridiculously long address, usually something like 1BvBMSEYstWetqTFn5Au4m4GFg7xJaNVN2. Impossible to memorize, and nerve-wracking to use.


But, you and your friend use Proton, so this just got much easier. Instead of using that jumble of letters and numbers above, you’ll instead just type in your friend’s human-friendly @name, such as @fredkrueger. When you type this in, Proton will automatically confirm that this is a Verified Identity by displaying a checkmark beside it; if there’s no checkmark, chances are you spelled something wrong. 

With that checkmark clearly visible, you can make your payment with confidence and know that your funds will be received.

As you can see, Verified Identities were built to make Proton even more user-friendly than before. We believe ...

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