Introducing VIBEVERSE and Announcing the first VIBE NFT Auction!

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Hello everyone! We’re happy to announce today our new browser based gaming experience ‘VIBEVERSE’ and the very first VIBE NFT Auction! The VIBEVERSE is a browser based game available on PC, MAC, and Linux! Any user with an internet connection can play! The first VIBE NFT Auction will take place on September 21st for NFT’S to use within VIBEVERSE. The first auctions for VIBE NFT’s will be two solar systems consisting of 25 planets and a second auction for the spaceships to travel within VIBEVERSE. Stay tuned later this week for visuals of VIBE NFT’S and UI for the Auction!

Join an army of VIBEIANS to become the most powerful planet in VIBEVERSE. Using advanced space aircraft with speeds faster than the speed of light. VIBEIANS travel through the VIBEVERSE to form alliances with other planets or raid them of their resources. The most powerful planets in the VIBEVERSE are those with the largest army of VIBEIANS to build out it’s resources and defend their planet from being raided. Use your planets resources to earn all the treasures you will find within your planet. But be aware, the more powerful your planet, the bigger army you’re going to need to defend it.

VIBEVERSE is made of precious minerals, elements, and metals. The most important and the element that drives the advancement of VIBEVERSE is named ‘VIBEREUM’. VIBEREUM is used to power planets, provide water, fuel
spacecraft, and mine for sacred treasures. The only problem for citizens of the VIBEVERSE is VIBEREUM can’t be found anywhere in the galaxy. Citizens must collect various minerals and elements to fuel their Refinery to produce VIBEREUM and use it to power their planet, aircraft, and mining operations.

VIBEVERSE is made up of 25 different planets and rapidly expanding. Planet owners are the most powerful citizens in ...

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