IOST-based Donnie Finance Listed on Top Korean Exchange CoinOne

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Hello IOST community!

Today, we are very pleased to announce our partnership with Donnie Finance & congratulate Donnie for being listed on top Korean exchange CoinOne!

In December, when 2021 is approaching, we are happy to deliver the good news to our community. As you know, IOST has been making our inroads into the nascent DeFi scene in the second half of 2020 and is working with multiple global companies in this field. And each country where the IOST branch is located is actively sourcing the top-tier partners and Donnie Finance is one of them!

IOST-based Donnie Finance Listed on Top Korean Exchange CoinOne on 4 Dec 2020!

About Donnie Finance

Korea-based project Donnie Finance is a financial service platform built on the IOST blockchain and offers a variety of services such as decentralized exchanges, asset management, payment, and credit analysis in addition to the existing DeFi deposit and loan services.

DON is a governance token used on the Donnie Finance platform. Users must stake their DON tokens to participate in voting-related to the platform operation policy. In addition, you can receive various benefits such as discounts on platform transaction fees and preferential interest rates.

The Donnie Finance platform is based on IOST, but issued an Ethereum-based token to improve user accessibility at the beginning. In early January, the first service, Checking & Saving, will be launched, and a bridge service that allows ERC tokens to be swapped into IRC tokens will be launched.

About Donnie Team

Donnie’s parent company is a well-known startup with 10M+ USD revenue. The blockchain division is composed of 17 members. Among them, the tech team developing the Donnie platform consists of 2 senior developers who have more than 10 years of experience and junior developers. Building on a solid development team, Donnie aims to launch the products promised in 2021 ...

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