IOST Devs Program: Online Hands-On Blockchain Beginner Class for Japanese Developers

November 28, 2020, IOST Servi node and a core developer on IOST, EverSystem, organized an Online IOST hands-on for Japanese developers.

Writing Smart Contracts with Javascript Introduction

This is a small hands-on beginner’s class for people who want to know about blockchain, learn about smart contracts, and are interested in blockchain, to understand what is blockchain? What is a public platform? What are Smart Contracts? Participants can learn from Interact with engineers who are actually developing blockchain applications.

Lecturers — EverSystem

Takao Wada, Ph.D. / CEO / Part-time University Lecturer
Keiya Shirahama / Intern / Graduate Student

The story of the social implementation of blockchain

Mr. Wada first introduced basic topics about blockchain in general, including the forecast of the size of the market in Japan and the world for blockchain-related developments. He explained that the healthcare and medical sectors are promising applications of blockchain, such as PHR, EHR and the pharmaceutical supply chain. In the second half of his talk, Mr. Wada talked about the Pracs Project, a medical information sharing system using IOST blockchain technology, which he is currently working on. He explained in a simple way the challenges of implementation and what we need to consider when utilizing blockchain as a data value.

Writing Smart Contracts in JavaScript

This hands-on class is for engineering-minded students, UX designers, programming novices, and others who are involved in or want to be involved in product development. The 12 participants were JavaScript beginners and above or had some programming experience.

In this hands-on session, Mr. Takaya, the lecturer from EverSystem, explained the features of IOST Smart Contracts, the basic notation and some of the main APIs, as well as an “allotment contract” created by using these APIs.

Participants actually wrote smart contracts and checked the functions of the contracts. Some of them deployed smart contracts ...

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