IOST Drives Blockchain Education in Switzerland’s University of Zurich

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IOST will once again be sponsoring the International Summer School Program 2021 “Deep Dive into Blockchain”, which will be held by the Blockchain Center of the University of Zurich (UZH) in Switzerland for three weeks starting July 4, 2021.

The 2021 summer school program will be taught by industry blockchain experts such as Tezos, IOTA, IBM Hyperledger, and CARDANO, as well as professors from various disciplines from several universities, who will engage in interactive classes with students from around the world.

This is a continuation of last year’s blockchain education program with UZH. IOST’s relationship with the UZH Blockchain Center began with a visit by the co-founder Terrance Wang to the University of Zurich Blockchain Center in January 2020. Professor Tessone, Chairman and Academic Director of the Center, and IOST cofounder Terrance Wang signed an MOU for industry-university cooperation in the blockchain space.

Lecture by Terence Wang, IOST Co-founder & CTO

Terrence is the co-founder of IOST, a next-generation blockchain technology that provides the network infrastructure to support service-oriented ecosystems. Prior to IOST, he was a software engineer at Uber, where he helped grow Uber China into a $7 billion business. He holds a Master’s degree in Computer Science from Princeton University.

Empowering Students for the Blockchain Summer School

In order to fully understand blockchain, including its implications and potential applications in practice, it is absolutely critical to look at it from a multidisciplinary perspective. Students will understand the three key pillars of the blockchain system: the technical, economic, and legal aspects behind it.
IOST will support several students in 2021 to participate in this program. The course will include students from the fields of economics, finance, business, computer science, mathematics, physics, and law.

About University of Zurich Blockchain Center

UZH Blockchain Center started its activities in 2017 and was formally established as a ...

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